Can’t seem to find that special someone? 

Feel like the World is passing you by? 

Feeling lost in the crowd? 

Having trouble making friends?

Stuck in a rut? 

We understand.  That’s why we’re here. Click the links above, join us and get out of that rut NOW!



NCBAFN was first established in October 2018 as  MEETUP.COM group dedicated to building a social network of and community for Big Beautiful Women (BBW), their admirers and friends to enjoy a diverse array of social activities in North Carolina. The following images reflect the type of fun we can have as a community.

“Finally, there is a place in North Carolina where one can explore the world of Big and Beautiful. A place for us.”

"Given the vast numbers of amazing Big Beautiful Women and sincere admirers in a large and diverse state like North Carolina, there is no earthly reason why we can not have a community wherein BBW and their admirers can meet and form friendships, long term relationships and more, all while enjoying all that North Carolina has to offer. Let's make that vision a reality."
Ricke Bennett


When it comes to community building there is plenty of work to be done.  Help us by joining the Network, suggesting fun activities and events, volunteering to help bring your ideas to life, attending events regularly and telling your friends about NCBAFN, THE place where Big Beautiful Women and their Admirers Meet!

ncbafn Team & Policies

The Network will maintain a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for all members. Members may not promote sexually suggestive or pornographic materials/media or businesses at Network events. Physical or sexual harassment and violence is banned. Crude or profane language is not permitted.  Rules violators will be banned from events.


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